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Asphalt is a well utilized material in the road construction business. It is seen as the icing on the cake that is the materials mixed together to make a road. As such, asphalt is a present substance in many driveways, roads, and parking lots.

The main reason why asphalt is utilized is because it holds the mix of materials together, thus reducing the loss of strength that can arise from having all the underlying materials move. Asphalt is also a good sealant material, preventing any water from seeping through to the sub-layers. Coupled with its flexibility and toughness, asphalt is the perfect substance to prevent the surface from degradation from oil spills, environmental factors, and sunlight.

As such, you may want to have various repair work done on your asphalt paved surface. If that is the case, the following are the services that Blackjacket Sealcoating Services will provide for you:

Hot Asphalt Patching

Hot asphalt has proven to be the better option when it comes to repairing any asphalt surface. As the name suggests, hot asphalt is mixed at very high temperatures and poured over the region to be repaired. As a precaution, hot asphalt is dangerous to work with, so only the most experienced professionals are allowed to handle it. It is with that in mind that Blackjacket Sealcoating Services will avail only the best crew to handle any asphalt repair work.

Root damage removal and repair

Uneven concrete surfaces are common as a result of overgrown tree roots. For many people, rather than take out the entire tree, they opt to have asphalt level off the unevenness. This is the prudent thing to do, since asphalt won’t look as bad as a rigid piece of concrete, and it will provide a smooth surface for road users.
In other cases, taking out the tree might be the only option left. For such work, you require expert root damage removal and repair work performed, which only Blackjacket Sealcoating Services.

Crack filling (hot and cold pour)

It doesn’t long for a paved surface to start showing small cracks. For the most part, cracks in roads are as a result of the weather, and thus they are to be expected. However, cracks become a problem where they are left unattended and eventually enlarge to become gaping potholes.
In order to ensure that cracks are no longer a problem, Blackjacket Sealcoating will perform crack filling services for whatever surface you wish to have repaired. The whole process won’t take long, and the end result will be a driveway in good shape and that leaves a great impression.

Oil spills

Oil spills are dangerous to the health of people and the environment around us. Anytime an oil spill incident occurs, there is the danger of inhalation of fumes, outright ignition that leads to burns and contamination of the environment. If you are concerned about an oil spill, let Blackjacket Sealcoating arrive at the scene and clean up the oil spill immediately.

Weed repairs

Weeds growing on the side of a road are a sore sight to road users, and for drivers, dangerous obstacles that can lead to bad accidents. In order to make sure that roads are safe to use for everyone, Blackjacket Sealcoating Services is the choice road repairs company to call to get rid of overgrown weeds and bushes on your roads.

Prep and Debris Removal

Road construction, or repair, is a messy business. Often, piles of dirt and debris are the byproducts of such efforts, either as a result of prepping the road or after completion of the project. If left unattended, debris causes a danger to workers and the people who make use of the road. As such, you need to clean up any debris left during any construction or repair.
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