About Us

About Us

Blackjacketsealcoating is a private family owned company with a thirty years experience in seal coating, renovation and filling of asphalt parking lots driveways and pavements. We are specialist in driveway sealing, parkinglots, crack filling and water controls. We are licensed and certified contractors who specialize in asphalt. The business is owned by Wayne Jackson and Becca Jackson both of who are actively involved in the running of the company as well as in technical work. Wayne Jackson is a certified red seal journeyman for asphalt paving and lay down technician. He also works as a foreman at Victoria biggest asphalt company, the Island Asphalt.
For the last thirty years the company has handled many projects in Victoria and other regions all which have been successfully completed. We always aspire to complete our projects on time and in the required standards. We make sure that the materials that we use have passed quality control and testing. Our quality control personnel have to ensure that asphalt is mixed in the recommended quantity and quality.
We take pride in transforming your old and worn-out asphalt into a new and smooth look that will be envied by many. Be the talk of the town through choosing the contractors who are known for their long term experience and quality work.
If you have any of the following tasks, do not hesitate to contact Black jacket seal coating.

  • Root damaged,parking lots, pavements or driveways
  • Oil spills
  • Prep and debris removal
  • Crack filling
  • Weed repair
  • Seal coating.

Do not let that small crack turn into a pot hole, take action now by calling Black Jacket Seal Coating .It will be cheaper for you to have it repaired before it turns out big. Trust us to give it the kind of touch that it deserves. If your drive way needs seal coating, we are experienced in that give us a call and we will be there to give the surface the kind of touch it requires.
We are known for prompt and through services, we will only leave the site after we are satisfied that our job has been done to the customer satisfaction. We believe in making the customer satisfied all the time.
If you have an upcoming pieces of work that require our expertise do not hesitate to call us for a quotation. We always strive to deliver high quality work at an affordable price. With us you will not be disappointed. Let us discuss your project and get down to work and at the end of it you will get something that you have always wanted.
Transform your pavement, driveway and other asphalt built structures with people who have what it takes to deliver the kind of quality that is needed.
At Blackjacketsealcoating we guarantee quality work at all times, for a fast and reliable service give us a call, our customer support service is waiting for you to help with any information that may be required.

Make Blackjacket sealcoating your asphalt repair and builder of choice that you will not regret.

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