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PRODUCT:Armor Seal #A-100HD Concentrated Asphalt Base Pavement Sealer.



Armor Seal A-100HD is a high performance mineral reinforced asphalt emulsion sealer blended

with polymers and special surfactants for superior adhesion, flexibility, and durability.

Armorseal A-100HD is designed to seal and protect asphalt pavements such as roadways,

airport runways, parking lots and playgrounds.  Armor Seal will add a long lasting, rich,

black appearance to any asphalt surface. Armor Seal will prevent pavement surfaces from

raveling and keep surface fines in place.  It will prevent moisture from penetrating the asphalt

and eliminate costly repairs caused by freeze thaw cycles

A-100 HD advantages:

Highly Durable- Polymerized sealer provides tough surface for fewer power steering


• Rubberized for added flexibility, adhesion and resistance to wear.

• Designed for heavy aggregate loading

• No other additives needed

• Dries fast

A-100 HD incorporates the use of proven polymer technology. Elastomeric polymers are hot

blended directly into A-100 HD during the manufacturing process to produce a coating with

added toughness, flexibility, adhesion, and weather resistance.

Fiber Reinforcement- Specialty fibers are added to provide flexural strength and bridging

characteristics to A-100 HD. Fiber reinforcement provides a more durable surface coating. A-100 HD is formulated specifically to protect and enhance asphalt pavement surfaces including

commercial and residential parking areas


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