2023 Quality Business Award Winner – Sannich



Master Asphalt Paver, Wayne Jackson. Certified asphalt specialist with 30 Years experience.Red seal journeyman doing residential/commercial driveway or parking lot restoration,maintenance,service and repair. In Victoria BC Canada.

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Professional Workmanship

Our skilled asphalt sealcoating crews work tirelessly to ensure that the sealing and repair process is smooth and doesn’t take up much time. The crew are all experts in their specialties, and share the common objective of ensuring the final product is something you will be proud of.


Committed to Quality

From our offices in Victoria, BC Canada, we are committed to providing the best quality services. We are not only the best in accomplishing this, but do so in a customer friendly way. Our team will be responsive to all your needs, because only from good relationships does business grow.


We Plan Ahead

We won’t ambush you with our repairs and equipment. We will work together to plan all necessary services, ensuring we don’t inconvenience you in any way. When planning, we take into consideration your working hours, deliveries, holidays, and any special pick-ups (e.g. waste). Only by planning does a project go smoothly.


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